Monday, April 11, 2011


Toward the end of this week, some of my work will be featured and sold through Artifacts, a Rosedale design hub located at 1170 Yonge Street, Toronto:

"Come into this glitzy lifestyle emporium for Loro Piane cashmere throws and you just might leave with a lamp stand made of vintage shoe horns. Luxe and loud pieces sourced from around the world promise to take any decor from blah to bright. After all, a room isn’t complete without a vintage drum side table or recycled fox fur throw cushion. Owner Christopher Caterer greets customers (many long-time devotees of his 12-year-old Muskoka shop) with a lively 'How you doin’, girls?' Resident chihuahuas Tucker and Bruizer are also on hand to say hello."

For more information about Artifacts, please visit:

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