Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Interior Design from the Artist's Perspective

My previous blogs discuss how my combined experience in art history and art consulting have conditioned me to consider the dialogue between fine arts and interior design. As a practicing artist, I make every effort to consider the the space in which my work is positioned. I believe that art shapes and is shaped by the space around it.  

In a modern setting, I like to work with clean lines, neutral tones, and natural materials. The image above portrays a wood panel (24" x 36" x 2") with its grain traced and emphasized in graphite. This piece, with its warm hue and organic connotations, complements the cool and stark tones of the grey bedroom. The scale of this piece is bold, but the impression it leaves is subtle. In and of itself, the work connotes the relationship between man-made and natural forms.

I also like to combine traditional and modern approaches to art-making. The above paintings, with their clear lines and stark contrasts, serve as a fresh and powerful addition to any contemporary space. These works make a statement in their simultaneous allegience to past, present, and future trends in art. The uniform portions of these works, juxtaposed against the more dynamic portions, creates an ambiguous narrative that is only enhanced by the scale of each canvas. Inspired by the paintings of Barnett Newman, and also by Edmund Burke's writings of the sublime and beautiful, these works lend themselves to a powerful dynamic in any space.

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