Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Melody Series

Lately I've been putting a lot of energy into The Melody Series - a visual & tactile expression of music. Each piece is a composition of acrylic paint and translucent acrylic prints of music notes. This sort of layering establishes a unique sense of depth and a contemporary approach to acrylic painting. The Melody Series is decorative in character, but intricate in its multi-sensory display of patterns, textures, and crescendos. This mixed media series also incorporates gold & silver leaf, taking a contemporary approach to an age-old craft. While gold & silver leaf has traditionally been used as a gilding material for picture frames, this series expands the leaf beyond the frame to the picture itself. In each work, the majesty and tactility of the materials are used to communicate the content of the image.    
Those familiar with my work know that I love to work photorealistically, but The Melody Series offers me a different sort of creative outlet. Whenever I need to come out of a block, I turn to these pieces which allow me to let go of classical techniques and narratives and embrace instead the beauty of the canvas, the texture of the paint.

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