Monday, April 08, 2013

I Wouldn't Be a True Montrealer If I Didn't Paint a Bagel.

After a successful week at the One of a Kind Show, I spent a few days back home in Montreal. My family tends to show love through food, and so naturally, I returned to Toronto with a cooler filled with smoked meat, karnatzel, and bagels. I've been wanting to paint a bagel for quite some time, and today was my chance to take some inspiration photos. 

The Tasting Room - Bagel, Inspiration Image

This image is begging to be painted. It's iconic. It's a circle within a square. 
It looks good enough to eat.

My bagel photo shoot

The finished painting will measure 36" x 36". I can't wait to get started! Be sure to check in for photos of the finished project in a few weeks. 

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